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Annie, get your gun. ☆彡
01 February 2008 @ 02:17 pm
Alright! So today was a snow day and having finished all my homework yesterday, I'm free to do whatever I want for once \o/ ALL MY STRESS IS GOOOOOOONE~♥ So I've decided to teach myself how to make profile codes. This is my very first set, so they prolly don't look as nice as some of your favorite profile-makers do, but I try. xD I kind of like them. Anyway, I have a bunch of different variations for you: With a quote up top, with a banner, or with both a quote and a banner.

You're free to change any of the colors or images, but please don't change any of the actual coding. ;; Please also keep the credit link somewhere in the table. ♥

With Quote (Blue)Collapse )

With Image (Red)Collapse )

With Both Quote and Image (Red)Collapse )
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